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Volt Malta is a growing party aiming to participate in Local, National and European elections.

If your values align with Volt's then join! Every bit of support makes a large difference.

Why Volt?

  • Leads by example. Created #PolitikaOnesta to further transparency in politics, and #INeedMAP to further accessibility to contraceptives.
  • First Pro-Choice Party in Malta
  • Have a Member of European Parliament representing Volters and citizens across Europe.
  • Develop policies based on best-practice and our values of furthering human rights, democracy and transparency.
  • Want to reform the European Union into a stronger, more democratic institution.
  • Much more!

Let's Unlock Malta & Europe's Potential

What We Stand For

Smart State Icon

Smart State

Education and digitalisation are key elements of the 21st century.

Social Equality Icon

Social Equality

No one should be left behind - no matter their gender, income, religion or origin.

Global Balance Icon

Global Balance

Europe needs to assume responsibility for its role in global challenges.

Citizen Empowerment Icon

Citizen Empowerment

We want to empower people to participate in politics beyond election alone.

Economic Renaissance Icon

Economic Renaissance

An innovative economy as an engine of societal progress.

EU Reform Icon

EU Reform

The EU has a democratic deficit, and is often ineffective. It needs significant reform.

Press & Latest Posts

classroom o levels

''O-levels mark the end of compulsory education. I do not feel fully prepared to start participating in society'' - Student Member

25 Jul 2022
An opinion piece by one of our student members who has just finished their O levels with their critique and suggestions for the system

Volt is disappointed Malta’s MEPs didn’t vote against natural gas being labelled as a green by the EU.

06 Jul 2022
Volt Malta is disappointed, considering that Malta is in a very risky position with regards to climate change, with UNESCO having just warned Malta to

Volt calls for more ambitious IVF law & legalisation of surrogacy

14 Jun 2022
Volt Malta openly welcomes the new IVF draft law which aims to introduce PGT-M testing and make it easier for same-sex couples among other proposals h

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