Vote Progressive. Vote Volt!

Vote Progressive. Vote Volt!

24 Mar 2022, 15:00:00 UTC
Volt Malta issues a call to the public to vote for progressive candidates in this election. With the last batch of votes to be cast in two days, they
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  • Urges public to vote for progressives
  • Addresses the main criticisms they have received from the public
  • Provide their manifesto in an easy to digest format

Volt Malta issues a call to the public to vote for progressive candidates in this election. With the last batch of votes to be cast in two days, they encourage people to look towards those who truly advocate for inclusivity, sustainable change and protection of fundamental rights. 

“We have seen so many calls for new voices in politics and they have welcomed us as a breath of fresh air. We stick to our principles and will bring those principles to the parliamentary body,” stated Alexia DeBono, Volt Co-President and candidate on the 8th and 9th districts.

Volt Malta’s manifesto was praised by many constituents as clear and detailed in contrast to the other parties’ though even still they sought to make the process easier for the public to truly understand what the party stands for by showcasing a bite-sized format of their manifesto, referred to as “minifestos”. 

Being called out as “ultra-progressives” and “having the most controversial manifesto in Maltese politics” was embraced by the party as a Statement of Honour for what the party stands for. That being said, they wanted to address some questions they have been presented throughout the campaign;

Q1) How can you hope to accomplish your manifesto while only running in four districts?

A1) The aim of our manifesto is for everyone to know what our vision for the country is. We will advocate for that vision no matter what.

Q2) Do you think it was wise to have such a controversial manifesto?

A2) We put our values into the manifesto. We wanted to be clear on what we stand for. If the country finds it controversial, so be it.

Q3) Do you feel you were visible enough on the campaign?

A3) It has only been a year since the party was officially registered and we are a party of unrepresented citizens and have launched projects such as #INeedMAP & #PolitikaOnesta. Imagine what we can do in 5 more years.

Q4) What do I gain from giving my vote to Volt?

A4) Volt represents a voice that was once unrepresented. By voting us you gain a voice for true progressive values in parliament. By voting for Volt you encourage a shift away from the status quo and challenge the powers that be. By voting for Volt you get a clear plan of action with representatives that embody that plan and not simply posture to it. By voting for Volt, you are voting better, better for yourself and for the country.

“I am proud to be representing Volt Malta in this election. I am able to truly live my values and represent the values of others who feel disenfranchised by the lack of representation in the old politics of yesterday. Let’s change politics for the better, together.” Thomas Kassandra Mallia, Volt Vice-President and candidate on the 10th and 11th districts.