Tourism Policy

Tourism is one of the pillars of Malta's economy. However mass quantity tourism is not sustainable for our islands. We need to reorientate towards quality tourism for a sustainable long-term future for the sector.

  • Set up direct flights to/from Malta & North America through Malta Med Air. (Such as Florida, New York, Toronto) to increase the quantity of high-value tourism,  and incentivise further FDI.
  • Create a Diaspora Pass card for persons residing abroad who are Maltese Citizens & persons of Maltese descent. It will provide the following benefits:
    • Free access to museums;
    • Free bus/boat fares;
    • 10% Discount on Maltese owned cultural, souvenir stores, and events;
    • 10% Discount on accommodation bookings.
  • Facilitate the creation of a cooperative for nightlife workers to withstand future shocks to the industry caused by unforeseen events such as the pandemic.
  • Create a 3-level system for Eco-Certification System by the Malta Tourism Authority. This would be supported by a Tax-Rebate to incentivise attainment.
    • Bronze level: Fulfils all the Mandatory Criteria
      • 1% Tax Rebate
    • Silver level: Fulfils all the Mandatory Criteria & Half of the Voluntary Criteria (Current Standard)
      • 2% Tax Rebate
    • Gold level: Fulfils all the Mandatory Criteria, all the Voluntary Criteria
      • 4% Tax Rebate
  • Conduct a partial IPO on Air Malta to incentivise accountability and shareholder activism.