Who's Volt Malta?

Who are we?

We are professionals and people looking for a new occupation, experts and students, but above all a group of people extraordinarily passionate about Malta and Europe.
Currently, more than 70% of Volt Europa's members have never been part of a political party before joining Volt.

We are a movement, aiming to deliver real reforms through the contribution of those who truly care about the future of European countries: people like you. We are truly open - anyone who adheres to our values can join. Something that we all share is our passion to try to change things ourselves. We meet in local groups all across the continent, in order to discuss and develop good proposals, to organize listening tours, to identify candidates, and to run for elections. We are 100% democratic and transparent.

Status of Volt Malta

Currently Volt Malta has a growing number of very passionate members. It is on it's way to becoming an official party, all the while pushing for change that align with Volt's values, as a movement.

Structure of Volt Europa

General Assembly

The core of Volt. Every member is part of it. Every member can vote in it. The GA convenes one or two times per year to decide the strategic direction of Volt.

Coordination Council

The CC applies the strategy decided by the General Assembly and guarantees political coherence across all our national teams. Every national team has two representatives in the CC.

European, National, and Local Teams

The European, national, and local teams are responsible for the daily operations of the movement. We have a matrix structure to ensure strong coordination and alignment across these three levels