Sex Work Policy

Current laws allow sex work to exist within a grey area. However, there are significant gaps which do not help safeguard the rights of sex workers and make them vulnerable to exploitation. We want to empower them.

Create the Maltese Model for the industry

  • Regulate the Sex Work industry.
    • Classify workers of the industry as Sex Workers to combat stigma and ensure their human rights and worker rights are respected.
    • Ensure 21 is the legal age to enter this line of work & no one under the age of 18 can make use of the service.
    • Ensure only permanent residents can participate in the industry.
    • The service may not be advertised locally or internationally.
  • Legalise strictly Cooperative-run Brothels.
    • Brothels may only be established by a cooperative of sex workers.
    • Locations, where they are established, must be agreed upon between the local council and cooperative.
      • Councils may not allow brothels to operate in some areas, however, they cannot ban brothels outright.
    • The establishment and its owners must be registered with a responsible authority.
    • Brothels must display signs promoting safer sex practices.
    • Brothels must not accept inebriated clients.
  • Sex Workers must register their employment status.
    • May opt to work self-employed.
  • Testing: Sex Workers working under a co-operative must have their own STD testing policies that are agreed to by all members. 
    • Independent/self-employed sex workers must follow the standard recommendation established by the GU Clinic, as well as standard GU clinic protocols in case of special circumstances - such as an STD-positive client. 
  • Every Sex Worker/ Brothel may request clients perform a check-up for any STDs prior to delivering the service
    • Brothels can not force or coerce a Sex Worker to have sex with a client who has not had an STD test done beforehand. The Brothel owners may face fines and/or imprisonment.
    • Sex workers & brothels must not accept inebriated clients.
    • Unprotected sex is not allowed.
      • If the client coerces the sex worker into unprotected sex or commits ‘‘stealthing’’ then the client must be reported to the police. 
    • Every sex worker’s first client must take an STD test beforehand.


  • Combat the black market.
    • Conduct investigations to ensure no one is being forced to participate in the unregulated sector.
    • Ensure traffickers, and persons organising illegal brothels face imprisonment for at least 10 years.
    • Brothel operators, clients and even friends of workers aged 18 or over can be fined and imprisoned for facilitating people under the age of 21 into sex work for at least 10 years. 
    • Ensure suspended sentences can not be given to traffickers & illegal brothel operators.
    • Ensure support services for individuals who have been coerced against their will into the industry, which protects the victim’s personal safety and anonymity, and enables reporting of criminal activity.
  • Police officers must be trained in awareness and sensitivity on matters involving sex work to respond to reports in a serious and informed manner