Become a Candidate for the upcoming General Election!


Are you interested in national politics? Do you have a strong vision of how things can be done, better, and more efficiently? Do you believe that there are countless problems that need to be tackled through international efforts, seeing how connected the world is? Are you ready to be part of a new generation of honest and inspiring politics?

Then sign up to Run for Volt - A campaign where you can become a member and apply to become a candidate with Volt Malta!

Political experience isn't a requirement but conviction, passion and honesty are.

We believe it takes courage to pursue political change, and even more so to do it publicly. No matter the political leaning, many in Malta would agree that it is time to acknowledge that there are voices that have not been effectively represented in parliament for too long. That's why we're looking for citizens who have the conviction to commit themselves to contribute towards the wellbeing of Malta's citizens and the future of the EU through a proactive and hands-on approach.

We're looking for visionaries - talented people who are able to connect ideas, people and solutions. You do not need to be a member yet, but you need to share Volt's values. There's a representative of the people in each and every one of us. We want to give all the hidden talent the opportunity to discover the politician within, and thus contribute to a new approach of doing politics.

What can you expect?

As a prospective member and candidate, you'll first go through an on-boarding phone call with a Board Member of Volt Malta. There you can learn more about how Volt operates, ask any questions you may have, and also for Volt to know more about you. You'll also have the opportunity to ensure that Volt's values and objectives align with yours.

The process of becoming a candidate for Volt Malta takes place over a number of weeks, and involves the following steps:

  1. You submit your application
  2. You have an interview and discussion with the Board of Volt Malta who'll then present a recommendation to the members
  3. You have a Q&A session with the members of Volt Malta
  4. The members then vote on whether to accept or reject your application as a candidate

After the process, as a candidate, Volt Malta will work to deliver workshops and training opportunities to train you and to help you better understand what it means to be a Volt representative.

As a member you'd also be granted full rights in both Volt Malta and Volt Europa.

Together with like-minded people you'll get acquainted with political documents, have personal development opportunities, and also be part of the production of the electoral programme for the upcoming election.

What are the criteria to be a candidate?

  • A Maltese Citizen eligible to vote and participate in the next General Election
  • A clean criminal record
  • No unsustainable debts

As a candidate, one takes a pledge to campaign on the finalised electoral program, that is still being drafted, upon its approval by Volt Malta's member.


There is no cost to be a member and also no cost to be a candidate of Volt Malta.

Where do I start?

Submit your membership application through and shortly after, you'll receive an email from a Volt Malta Board Member for an on-boarding call!

If you have any questions feel free to write to