Press Relations Leads

Previous Experience : Not Required

Type of Work : Voluntary

Hours Per Week : 4 a week

What you will do

  • Work with the Board to implement the Communications Strategy.
  • Attend any Press Relations meetings held by Volt Europa & coordinate on any pan-European efforts or Volt’s Member of European Parliament efforts.
  • Ensure the Press Relations objectives are being implemented, and be involved in drafting and publishing.
  • Write Press Releases and send them to media houses & journalists.
  • Work on establishing relationships with journalists with the support of the Board.
  • Involved in drafting the newsletter and organising a schedule.
  • Manage the email. 
  • Support members in writing blog posts and aid them in drafting them, and in sending them to media houses.

What you should bring

  • Optional but preferred experience in drafting press releases.
  • Ability to write clearly and effectively in English (required) and Maltese (preferred but would be supported by Translation Leads).
  • The ability to identify opportunities and risks.
  • The ability to set and meet specific goals.
  • 4 hours (less when you have a co-lead) on average that you can invest every week
  • A realistic sense of how much time and energy you can invest (don’t burn yourself out!)

I nterested in applying? Email Volt Malta's Board ( with the subject line - Press Relations Leads - informing of your interest to take up the role and a meeting will be set up!