Pledge for the General Election 2022 and next Legislature

Volt Malta is creating a pledge for Candidates to sign up from all parties, to further honest politics and transparency.

1) I pledge to not give favours in exchange for votes.

2) I pledge to not give favours indirectly through any government institutions in exchange for votes.

3) I pledge to not give favours indirectly through any friends/partners in the private sector in exchange for votes.

FavoursGoods, services and/or occupations promised personally to individuals which would be redeemed after and/or during the election.

If you as a candidate haven't been contacted yet and want to sign, send an email to info@voltmalta.org with the subject line ''#PolitikaOnesta - Signing'' and in the text section write that ''I would like to sign this pledge'', informing with your party and districts.

PolitikaOnesta good
Signed the Pledge

Volt Malta

  • Alexia DeBono
  • Thomas ''Kass'' Mallia


  • Carmel Cacopardo
  • Anthony Buttigieg
  • Brian Decelis
  • Luke Caruana
  • Mario Mallia
  • Mark Zerafa
  • Melissa Bagley
  • Mina Tolu
  • Ralph Cassar
  • Sandra Gauci

Partit Laburista

  • Alicia Bugeja Said
  • Felix Busuttil Galea

Partit Nazzjonalista

  • Albert Buttigieg
  • Bernice Theresa Bonello
  • Maria Fatima Deguara


  • Arnold Cassola
Didn't Sign the Pledge

Partit Laburista

  • Robert Abela
  • Aaron Farrugia
  • Abigail Camilleri
  • Andrew Ellul
  • Anthony Agius Decelis
  • Anthony Refalo
  • Byron Camilleri
  • Carmelo Abela
  • Chris Fearne
  • Christopher Agius
  • Clyde Caruana
  • Cressida Galea
  • Dario Vella
  • Davina Sammut Hili
  • Fiona Borg Lewis
  • Glenn Bedingfield
  • Herbert Conti
  • Ian Borg
  • James Grech
  • Jean Claude Micallef
  • Jonathan Attard
  • Joetienne Abela
  • Jose Herrera
  • Joseph Matthew Attard
  • Joseph Mizzi
  • Joseph Sammut
  • Julia Farrugia Portelli
  • Katya De Giovanni
  • Keith Azzopardi Tanti
  • Mark Grech
  • Michael Falzon
  • Miriam Dalli
  • Naomi Cachia
  • Oliver Nicholas De Gaetano
  • Oliver Scicluna
  • Owen Bonnici
  • Rebecca Buttigieg
  • Roderick Galdes
  • Romilda Baldacchino Zarb
  • Sean Apap Meli
  • Silvio Schembri
  • Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi

Partit Nazzjonalista

  • Bernard Grech
  • Adrian Delia
  • Alexander Borg
  • Angelo Micallef
  • Alexander Perici Calascione
  • Alexander Louis Mangion
  • Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici
  • Darren Carabott
  • David Agius
  • David Pace Ross
  • Dorian Sciberras
  • Emma Portelli Bonnici
  • Errol Cutajar
  • Eve Borg Bonello
  • Francine Farrugia
  • Graham Bencini
  • Graziella Attard Previ
  • Graziella Galea
  • Ivan Castillo
  • James Aaron Ellul
  • Janice Chetcuti
  • Jerome Caruana Cilia
  • John Baptist Camilleri
  • Joseph Ellis
  • Joseph Giglio
  • Joseph Mark Grech
  • Julie Zahra
  • Justin Schembri
  • Karl Gouder
  • Karol Aquilina
  • Kevin Cutajar
  • Leone Sciberras
  • Mario de Marco
  • Mark Anthony Sammut
  • Mary Doris Borg
  • Michael Asciak
  • Paula Mifsud Bonnici
  • Rebekah Cilia
  • Robert Cutajar
  • Ryan Callus
  • Stephen Spiteri

Broke the Pledge


Some Statistics

As of 17/03/2022, 130+ Candidates Asked, 100 reminders were sent.
Candidates listed so far :
1) Those who accepted
2) Those who were asked and also sent a reminder, and haven't accepted yet.

What happens if candidates choose not to participate?

They will automatically be listed in the section that they did not sign the pledge.

What happens after the election?

This list will be maintained, and if there are reports of dishonest politics, even after the election, then someone who signed would be put the in the #PolitikaDiżonesta section.

How long do candidates have before they are added in the ''Didn't Sign the Pledge'' section?

They have at least 100 hours and also are given a reminder with a slight time extension. Failing to respond within 100 hours puts them in the ''Didn't Sign'' section.

Do the candidates receive anything for their action/inaction?

Yes, in the event of signing, failing to sign, or breaking the pledge the candidates will receive the badge in digital format to apply it to their posters at their own volition.

What about candidates who have broken the pledge items in the past?

This pledge is for 2022 and until the end of the next legislature to address the candidates of today and MPs of tomorrow. If this pledge existed in the previous election and was signed by persons who were then found in breach of it then they would be in the #PolitikaDiżonesta section of that legislature. The goal is to launch this pledge every election and have it as a permanent item for members of the public to visit and observe the standards of their potential and actual representatives.

Therefore when the next election comes around due 2027, this web page will still exist for 2022-2027 and a new one would be created for 2027 onward etc.

What is the process of informing candidates of the pledge?

We first try to find their email address, and send them an email. Later on, on the day or the day before we send a reminder, either through a social media page they have or by email if the social media page can't be found/contacted.

NB : Ineligible Rosianne Cutajar (PL), Ray Abela (PL)