#PolitikaOnesta is a Volt Malta initiative to further transparency of political parties, and government spending using readily available tools and information, making it more accessible. While we increase our capacity to show more information, we first focus on Facebook advertising.

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Last 30 Days

Political Parties
Party Leaders
Ministers (Part 1)
Ministers (Part 2)
Parliamentary Secretaries
Government Departments

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Where is this information coming from?

This information is generated and owned by Facebook as part of Facebook's efforts to increase transparency in advertising, particularly political advertising. We created this webpage to make the information more accessible to the general public in Malta.

What is #PolitikaOnesta?

Our latest initiative, to increase transparency in the financial spending of political parties, especially when elections are approaching. We hope to expand this initiative to cover more types of spending, and we are starting with Facebook (and Instagram) spending.

What is Volt Malta?

A progressive political party in Malta aiming to promote transparency, human rights and democracy, and doing so not just by getting elected but also through leading by example.

How much did it cost to set this up?

0 euros! This is making use of already publicly available data and tools freely provided by Facebook. Anyone could do it.