Policy Writer

Previous Experience : Not Necessary

Type of Work : Voluntary

Hours Per Week : 2 hours a week

What you will do

  • Support the work of the respective policy leads.
  • Support in the research of Policy Leads when it comes to writing policy.
  • Conduct research on your own initiative to adapt a policy from Volt Europa to Volt Malta.
  • Conduct research on your own initative to create/improve a policy for Volt Malta.
  • Support the execution of policy-based projects.
  • Write evidence-based policies.

What you should bring

  • Experience in research.
  • A good understanding of at least 1 topic.
  • Experience in drafting policy (optional).
  • The ability to identify opportunities and risks.
  • The ability to set and meet specific goals.
  • 2 hours on average, you can work on your own policy project or complement other ones that Volt Malta is prioritising.
  • A realistic sense of how much time and energy you can invest (don’t burn yourself out!)

Interested in applying? Email Volt Malta's Board (info@voltmalta.org) with the subject line - Policy Writer - informing of your interest to take up the role and a meeting will be set up!