Amidst pandemic restrictions, Malta should legalise voting in election from abroad, Volt Malta says

Amidst pandemic restrictions, Malta should legalise voting in election from abroad, Volt Malta says

28 Set 2021 10:00:25 UTC
With the next general election now less than a year away and with travel restrictions owing to the Covid-19 pandemic still present, Malta should allow

> Travel out of certain countries to Malta is a challenge

> Eligible voters shouldn’t have to worry about potentially complicated & expensive travel arrangements to exercise civic duty

> Election is within a year, the sooner there is an action the better

> Vulnerable Maltese citizens in Malta and abroad shouldn’t risk compromising their health to vote

With the election less than a year away, Volt believes that the Government should not forget the Maltese citizens living abroad, especially those who don’t meet Malta’s vaccination requirements for entry without a mandatory quarantine. This even concerns Maltese citizens who got vaccinated in a country in which the vaccine isn’t recognised by Malta, or citizens who were previously sick with covid and received only a single vaccine shot instead of 2 (due to still having antibodies) , and are considered fully vaccinated in the country they’d be coming from.   

The party believes that no one should be left behind and that the right to vote in an election is a right not to be taken lightly. Furthermore, with the changing dynamic of covid19 related regulations, the unpredictability of the situation may discourage persons trying to exercise their rights.

‘’As a Maltese citizen, you have a right to vote, and as such, it should be the obligation of the government to make that possible even when abroad. Whether it be my casting your vote at an embassy/consulate or mailing your ballot to the nearest embassy/consulate’’ comments Kass Mallia, Vice-President

‘‘Even if you’re living in Malta, considering the high turnout rate, with postal voting being legalised we can minimise queuing and congregations of people around the voting booth locations’’ comments Arnas Lasys, Co-President

‘‘We also have to keep in mind vulnerable people, both in Malta and outside who would risk compromising their health by going to an embassy, voting booth, or flying to Malta to exercise their civic duty.  That's why we need to introduce both voting from abroad, and postal voting,’’ comments Alexia DeBono, Co-President.

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