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Ready to join a movement of like-minded Europeans? Tired of the old blue/red dichotomy of politics in Malta, and ready to take part in exciting yet pragmatic politics? Then click the button below and be part of the change shaping up in the Maltese Islands!

What levels of Membership are there?

Team Membership

Anyone 16+ can apply. Membership is Free

This would make you a legal member of Volt Malta & Europa and gives you the right to vote on Local, National and European matters, allows you to be directly involved with developments taking place at all levels

Upon submitting your application you'll be contacted by a local Volter for an on-boarding interview, giving you the chance to ask questions and find out what team and field you'd like to be involved in.

You will also receive access to our online platform with thousands of Volters from across Europe, a volt email address, and you'll receive support from the Volter whom you spoke with to help you get started.

To summarise

  • Membership of Volt Malta
  • Membership of Volt Europa
  • Voting Rights at Local, National and European level
  • Access to internal Volt workspace and a personal email address


This does not give you legal membership, or voting rights but you will be updated on events and activities taking place through a newsletter from the National and European level and will be encouraged to participate in campaigns

 If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

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