Malta Outline

Our Vision for Malta

Our Programme for the upcoming General Election

*Currently in Development!*

The Manifesto will be based on 3 main pillars. Democracy, Innovation & Sustainability.

General Positions on various issues (updated monthly)


  • Political Party Regulation
    • All activities of political parties should be governed by Party Financing law, not Corporate law
  • Public Spending
    • Make information on public spending transparent, current, and easily accessible
  • Citizen Empowerment
    • Introduce Participatory Budgeting
    • Utilise Citizen Assemblies


  • Online Appointments
    • Digitise medical appointments where possible
  • Dying with dignity
    • Legalise passive euthanasia & living wills
  • Mental Healthcare
    • Close Mount Carmel Hospital& invest in community-based facilities
    • Create public recreational spaces
    • Ensure accessibility to services for all, including youths and minorities
  • Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare
    • Decriminalise abortion
    • Classify contraceptives as essential medicines
    • Ensure classes on SRHR are mandatory, accurate, and inclusive.


  • Business Models
    • Encourage the formation of cooperatives
  • Start-Ups
    • Digitise and simplify the process of registration, removing unnecessary fees, and waiting periods

Animals' Rights

  • Access to Beaches
    • Increase the number of dog friendly & accessible beaches


  • Public & Private land
    • To the current GeoServer, add a functionality to show which part of the countryside is private, public, and unclaimed
  • Climate Change
    • End fossil fuel subsidies
    • Encourage emissions-free travel and appropriate infrastructure
  • Agriculture
    • Safeguard farmer's rights from predatory expropriation practices
    • Support & encourage sustainable farming


  • Modern Curriculum
    • Introduce Media Literacy classes
    • Introduce Life Competences & Responsabilities classes

Workers' Rights

  • Parental Leave
    • Ensure that parents, regardless of their gender, are given equal, adequate and paid parental leave
    • Ensure parents have access to an additional shared quantity of parental leave

Recreational Drugs

  • In law
    • Introduce the Portuguese Model
    • Create a Recreational Drugs Authority to conduct research and evaluate governance on recreational drugs
  • Cannabis


  • The Marsascala Yacht Marina
    • Oppose the proposed Yacht Marina for Marsascala.

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