Malta Outline

Our Vision for Malta

Here you may find the details of all our current positions on various issues.



Agriculture is vital for We believe that farmers' rights over the land they work on must be safeguarded and we must continue innovating the field, ensuring sustainability and maximising food security.



There's a culture of impunity, a journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered (for which a public inquiry held the state responsible) and the country was greylisted by the FATF. There's work to be done.

  • Implement recommendations of the Venice Commission
  • Implement recommendations of the European Commission’s Rule of Law report
  • Implement recommendations of the Daphne Caruana Galizia Inquiry Report.
  • Introduce Integrity Pacts for public procurement and Private-Public Partnerships
  • Check out all our Anti-Corruption policies here.

Civic Rights

  • Introduce Participatory Budgeting.
  • Utilise Citizen Assemblies.
  • Introduce voting rights at the local council level for third-country nationals with residency.



Cooperatives are resilient business models which gives its members the ability to steer the direction and priority. It's generally run democratically, where each member has an equal vote.

Corporate Tax

  • Reduce the Corporate Income Tax to 28% for Maltese-run businesses.
    • Amend the tax refund & credit systems to ensure that the rate paid by the companies benefiting from them, is still effectively the same as when the corporate tax was 35%. 
      • e.g if the company was paying 5% effective tax, the company will continue to pay 5% effective tax.



In our ever-digitalising world, it's essential that security is at the forefront to prevent catastrophic hacks which could severely impact public services such as hospitals among others.

  • Invest in the Cyber-Crime Unit.
  • Introduce a Bsc & Msc in Cybersecurity at the University of Malta.
  • Introduce courses on cybersecurity in the workplace & home.
  •  increase government cybersecurity infrastructure capabilities
  • Check out all our Cybersecurity policies here.



In the fight against climate change, energy sources are a contentious issue. There is also the matter that Malta's energy supply is tainted in corruption due to Electrogas.



We firmly believe in the right to bodily autonomy and the right to die with dignity. We want to ensure that no one can influence the decision of any other person and there are clear conditionalities on this sensitive subject.

Golden Passports

  • Scrap the Golden Passport Scheme.

Healthcare Sector


The past few years we've become truly aware of just how important a well resourced public healthcare system is. Unfortunately there is still much to be done to make the government aware. It comes to no surprise that healthcare workers are leaving the country.


  • Remove the deferral period of MSM individuals, and focus on limiting individuals who have high-risk sexual contact and not based on individuals’ gender or orientation.
  • Make gender-affirming procedures, such as hormone treatment, surgery and psychological support, free & accessible for transgender persons.
  • Enable reunification for long-term partners of LGBTIQ+ refugees.

Mental Healthcare


Mental Health is still a fairly taboo subject in Malta and is not treated as importantly as physical healthcare. This must change.

Parental Rights


A number of parental rights treat parents in a couple differently. For gender equality, we need to rethink a number of systems.

  • 20 weeks of parental leave per parent at full pay
  • 20 weeks of shared parental leave, at 70% of the average income of the couple.
  • Foster parents, and adopting parents eligible for the same parental leave.
  • Allow delegating of some parental leave to guardians (close family/friends)
  • Check out all our Parental Rights policies here.

Political Parties


The laws regulating political parties are still young and underdeveloped. Up to 2016 there weren't any laws regulating them and today the Electoral Commission is incapable of acting on certain provisions of the law. This needs changing.

Prison System


Prisons should be a place of rehabilitation and not punishment. Over the past years, there have been a number of deaths within Malta's prisons. The system can't continue as it is.


  • Invest in research in developing & applying robotics to increase productivity and quality in existing industries.
  • Foster an advanced robotics industry by creating a strategy in coordination with Malta’s industry stakeholders, educational institutions, entrepreneurial community, and international experts.

Sex Work


Current laws allow sex work to exist within a grey area. However, there are significant gaps which do not help safeguard the rights of sex workers and make them vulnerable to exploitation. We want to empower them.

  • Legalise strictly Cooperative-run Brothels.
  • Sex Workers must register their employment status and are given the same rights as any worker.
  • Regulate the Sex Work industry.
  • Combat the black market.
  • Check out all our Sex Work policies here.



Tourism is one of the pillars of Malta's economy. However mass quantity tourism is not sustainable for our islands. We need to reorientate towards quality tourism for a sustainable long-term future for the sector.

  • Set up direct flights to/from Malta & North America through Malta Med Air.
  • Create a Diaspora Pass card for persons residing abroad who are Maltese Citizens & persons of Maltese descent.
  • Create a 3 level system for Eco-Certification System.
  • Check out all our Tourism policies here.



The way mobility is viewed in Malta needs a re-imagining. Cars should not be seen as the default option, especially considering the amount of space roads occupy within our tiny islands. With our high population density we need to re-evaluate our approach.

Universal Basic Income

  • Conduct an experiment in UBI in Malta to study for 4 years through a cross-section of society, but primarily focused on individuals in, or at risk of poverty & social exclusion.

Living Wage


The minimum wage needs to be a living wage. Not less. Anyone working full-time should not have to depend on charity to make ends meet.

  • Every worker in Malta has the right to a Living Wage.
  • Ensure Minimum Wage is at least 60% of the Monthly Median Wage.
    • Current Gross Monthly Minimum Wage = €792
    • Estimate Gross Monthly Median Wage = ~ €1824.84
    • Target Monthly Minimum Wage = €1100.
  • Create an NSO Directorate for the Living Wage.
  • Check out all our Living Wage policies here.

Animal Rights

  • Increase dog-friendly beaches



With a strong legal framework and the right incentives & infrastructure, Malta can unleash its tapped potential. It should be as easy as possible to start a business. Raising funds for a venture may be challenging with a small population but venture capital shouldn't be ignored. All options must be available for entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

  • Expand the ‘’One-Stop-Shop for Business''
  • Reduce business registration cost to €1.
  • Create incentives for Employee Stock Options.
  • Facilitate the creation of Venture Capital Firms.
  • Check out all our Business policies here.

Climate Change

  • End fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Ban the use of fossil fuels in road vehicles by 2035.
  • Facilitate conversion of internal combustion engines which can process biofuels or synthetic fuels.
  • Conduct research on the potential demand for fuel for Hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Construction Industry


The status quo regarding construction can at times feel like the wild-west in Malta. The rules aren't enforced and there is no long-term vision.



The Culture sector has often been forgotten and neglected by the Government. This is especially memorable in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's help it flourish.



Education is a critical pillar of our community. It moulds future generates and also impacts current ones. One doesn't have to stop learning at any age but the system in place needs to be fit for purpose.


  • To the current GeoServer, add functionality to show which part of the countryside is private, public, and unclaimed
  • Oppose the Yacht Marina for Marsascala.
  • Return Miżieb and Aħrax to the public.



The island of Gozo must not be painted under the same brush as Malta. It has its own characteristics which must be safeguarded. It also has its own potential that can be fostered.

  • Create an Agritech business incubator in Gozo.
  • Facilitate the creation of an Artist Hub.
  • Pause the Malta-Gozo road tunnel project.
  • Incentivise the research and adoption of agroecological practices.
  • Check out all our Gozo policies here.



In this day and age Malta does not yet have an official classification of what it means to be homeless.

  • Create a legally recognised definition/s of homelessness.
  • Adopt Housing First approach from Finland.
  • Recognise housing as a Human Right.
  • Encourage businesses to take on homeless persons
  • Check out all our Homelessness policies here.

IVF & Surrogacy


IVF still remains fairly strictly regulated in Malta on certain matters, particularly when it comes to embryo freezing and testing.

Malta Stock Exchange

  • Create & execute a Privatisation Strategy for the Malta Stock Exchange in collaboration with current, and also potential stakeholders under the following conditions;
    • Introduction of an experienced ‘Strategic Partner’ 
    • Increasing accessibility for SMEs to be listed
    • Increasing accessibility for traders to participate in the market
    • Increasing internationalisation of investors
    • Creating a bastion for North African, Middle Eastern & European companies
    • Overseen by an Integrity Pact
    • Short-selling
    • Introduction of Derivatives, Options, Futures & FTEs 



Europe needs to act as one when it comes to refugees and the system needs complete reform. Furthermore, all immigrants and refugees must have their human rights always respected.

  • Set up a Unified EU Refugee Policy
  • Make the asylum system fair, effective, and quick
  • Ensure that asylum seekers’ and refugees’ rights are respected
  • Involve the private sector and educational institutions in fostering integration.
  • Check out all our Migration policies here.


  • Adopt a fixed-term parliament. By removing the Prime Minister’s prerogative to call elections, and adopting a fixed 5-year parliament term.
    • A snap election can only be called through a vote of no confidence or if the government resigns.
    • We will define clear boundaries of when an ‘election campaign’ starts and ends, to ensure political parties & candidates can transparently provide their campaign spending.
  • Make being a Parliamentarian a full-time occupation, and ensure proportional remuneration.

Pink Tax


Persons who menstruate spend thousands in their lifetime on menstrual products. This causes purchasing power inequality and also makes the most vulnerable among us feel the impact most.

Recreational Drugs

  • Replace the Cannabis Authority with a Recreational Drugs Authority.
    • Manage all matters relating to the responsible use of recreational drugs. This Authority should have the power to commission studies, propose improvements to the system, and propose guidelines.
  • Proceed to adopt the Portugueses Model on drugs

Sexual & Reproductive Rights


Currently, Malta's laws regarding Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare & Rights are still incredibly archaic, especially on the matter of abortion. Fundamental rights continue to be inaccessible


  • Working more than 20 hours should not exclude a student from receiving a maintenance grant. 
  • Allow students to work part-time up to 30 hours per week part-time, and still be eligible for the Maintenance grant.
  • Reduce the tax rate for full-time students in part-time employment to 0% for up to 20 hours of work per week.
    • 21-30 hours per week of work are taxed at 5%.


  • Make information on public spending transparent, current, and easily accessible.



Unemployment in Malta has been fairly low for a while, but there are also those who are not looking for employment, or education or training (NEETs) and those are not counted in the same statistics. We want to help them too.

  • Study and research outcomes of the YOUTH GUARANTEE 2.0 programme, to create a better 3.0 version of the project.
  • Improve the Personal Action Plan by JobsPlus to make it more inclusive, accessible and successful for persons of different backgrounds.
  • Offer free/supported educational services to facilitate obtaining a higher qualification level which would facilitate access to the job market for NEETs and persons unemployed for at least 24 months.
  • Check out all our Unemployment policies here.


  • Legalise voting through Embassies & Postal Voting. In light of the pandemic, Maltese living abroad who are eligible to vote should have the right to exercise their civic right & duty without worrying about pandemic related restrictions.
  • Introduce voting rights at the local council level for third-country nationals with residency.

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