Kass Mallia

Thomas ''Kass'' Mallia

Your Candidate for Districts 9 & 11

My name is Thomas (or preferably Kass) Mallia and I currently work as a Freelance Writer. I am happy to formally announce that I will be running as Volt Malta’s candidate for the next General Election.

I have benefited from Malta’s successes, the child of a nurse and a carpenter who both made great strides in achieving personal success. I’ve had the opportunity for a good education, in which I focused primarily on Computing, Mathematics, History and Philosophy. I had the opportunity to learn of Malta’s culture and history as well as Malta’s relationship with the rest of Europe. My experiences of debate, discussion and critical thinking have served to push me to pay back my debt to the country I was raised in by using the culmination of my skills to aid the people who make this country their home.

Throughout all my life I have been a problem solver. In all facets of life I always look to uncover problems and arrive at solutions to the best of my ability. Volt Malta represents a new approach towards politics and an optimistic yet pragmatic approach towards tackling this country’s pressing issues.

After being officially elected to do so through Volt Malta’s progressive and democratic system I hope that I can champion those values across the Nation. I will be running in District 11 which includes my home hometown Mosta, and District 9. My experience is one typical to many Maltese citizens.

My goal is to serve and represent those of my district and of the nation who share the same values as myself and Volt Malta. The values of Democracy and the right for all persons to have equal opportunity to participate in a truly democratic society free of corrupt interest. The value of Transparency in governance and the right for all persons to have free and easily accessible information. And most importantly, the value of Human Rights and the right to a guarantee of the basic needs of food, water, shelter, health and education.

Let’s work together to solve them, bring together the best out of each and every citizen in this country for a brighter future in solidarity as Maltese citizens, as Europeans but most especially as members of humanity.

Some Questions

Why Volt?

I fully align myself with the values of Volt Malta, on furthering democracy, transparency and human rights. Furthermore, I was drawn to the Pan-European nature of Volt as I see Malta as an important part of Europe and the Global Community, and through Volt I believe it's the right way for Malta to step-up on the international stage.

What would you want to tackle the most if elected in Malta?

Transparency is the most necessary element for change. It is crucial, vital, and what we need to garner trust between the government and the public. There was always a sense of mistrust and fear and corruption, which we also see evidence of.

What is your preferred name?

I prefer to go by Kass (short for Kassandra) Mallia. However, I would still go by my dead name 'Thomas' as it is currently my legal name. My intentions are to have it legally changed however I find myself needing more time to make that step. Additionally, as the election ballots require my legal name I find it easier to avoid confusion and for the time being continue to use both my dead name and my new and actual name in tandum

What is your philosophy on gender?

There is a difference between gender expression, gender identity, and sex or biological gender. My philosophy is that these aspects and perhaps even more may or may not form gender.

I fundamentally believe that everyone should be able to express themselves with how they identify themselves in any way they can. Gender is socially constructed and it provides utility. Gender as defined by a combination chromosomes (whether born XX or XY which ignores those born with different sets of chromosomes) and visible secondary sexual characteristics to me seems reductive and causes more harm than good.

There is no rule book that we discovered in the real world that states that "gender is binary", or that "men must be masculine" and "women must be feminine". Therefore I define gender as a tool of expression that may or may not influence one's identity.

How do you define your gender?

I understand there might be some confusion due to how I look and what I identify as. I was assigned male at birth. Regardless of this, I identify my gender as woman. The reasons are complex and nuanced, however it boils down to how I prefer society to see me as in relation to how I would express myself.

I understand that it may confuse some people since at this point all my visible features would match more to what people call 'a man'. However, I am a woman, who at the moment appears masculine but wishes to appear feminine.

What was your journey with gender?

Growing up I never felt comfortable with my being, with how I was expected by society to express, appear and identify myself. For almost the entirety of my life, I thought these were things that couldn't be changed, and soon as I learned that it's not the case and that it was a societal conditioning, I began breaking away from this heavily.

I am extremely grateful for the progress done in Malta and I have found immense support through the clinic. However, it was primarily through the support of close friends and family that I made it as far as I did, without them I would have never been pushed to seek out those services available to me.

I am in the process of transitioning. I am finding my experience with this to be a difficult and deeply personal one. Stigmatization from the media, both locally and globally, stigmatization of the general public and stigmatization that exists inherently from the systems I have to interact with all contribute to this difficulty. Malta's current progressive policies and services on this have been an extreme help in making those stigmas less harmful.

It's important to understand that, humanity formed gender. We don't have to fit in a box for anyone else regardless of how many people tell us to fit in a box. People built that box, so you can break that box just as easily. Express yourself however you feel comfortable expressing yourself, as long as you don't infringe on other people's expression.

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