Kass Mallia - Volt Malta's new Vice President

Kass Mallia - Volt Malta's new Vice President

09 Sept 2021, 13:10:10 UTC
I was born and raised in Malta, and I would say my experience is one shared by many. Like many young people today...

After the General Assembly held this August, I was elected as the Vice-President of Volt Malta. This means that I’m a Board member with equal executive voting rights, where I’ll be mostly helping with day-to-day administrative matters. The direction Volt is heading is one I already find myself happy to lend my voice to. My wish is to add more energy into it. By way of aiding or leading policy making, contributing my skills and experience into it, but most especially helping make Volt the household name it deserves to be.

One of my first political experiences was through EuroSkola where post-secondary students from all EU member states have the opportunity to visit the European Parliament for a day. My colleagues and I had taken on the workshop titled Future of Europe Our task was to discuss the direction the EU would need to pursue for the good of not just all member states but all European citizens. This was an eye-widening experience for me. It led me to further understand just how important it was to cooperate with other nations to ensure our economic success.

I was born and raised in Malta, and I would say my experience is one shared by many. Like many young people today, I’ve attended the University of Malta. I graduated with a Higher Diploma in I.T. From a young age, my focus had been computing and mathematics though I held a fundamental passion for writing and philosophy. I’ve worked in customer support for a few years, utilising problem solving, teamwork, communication and literary skills and the energy and drive to help people. During this time I had the opportunity to learn further the ins and outs of government institutions as well as the corporate sector. I branched off on my own to start a career as a freelance writer, setting up a patreon page of my own while also taking on contracted work. It was around this time when I discovered Volt.

It was quite spontaneous how I came to be a part of Volt Malta. After spending three years of self-searching, learning what I could about the world while still bogged down with the ever pressing need to survive the hectic life we all built for ourselves, I came into my own. I discovered my true identity, and politically it included wanting to make a difference. I even wanted to start my own party. I discovered I wasn’t alone on this venture and that there were others who believed in the same values as I did.

I would be called a dreamer, or an idealist by most people. And I would not deny that. I grew up exposed to ideas of a better tomorrow, a future of technological marvels and a humanity free to discover, innovate and explore without discrimination or suffering. I want to make that dream, a reality, or at least as close to a reality as we can potentially get. I’d like to see us adopt the technology humanity has at its disposal to help everyone grow as individuals and as a community. I intend to push alongside Volt for a more sustainable world to mitigate the damage already done to our planet due to climate change. But most importantly, I want to see our small island nation be one where we are able to live with the knowledge that all our needs of food, water, shelter, health and personal fulfilment can truly be met by the society that we are a part of. This is my vision for Volt, and for our country.