Healthcare Sector Policy

The past few years we've become truly aware of just how important a well resourced public healthcare system is. Unfortunately there is still much to be done to make the government aware. It comes to no surprise that healthcare workers are leaving the country.

  • Introduce Hazard Pay for healthcare front-liners who have worked during the pandemic, until the end of the pandemic.
    • Supplement pay by 5% for those who worked 1-12 months in the pandemic.
    • Supplement pay by 10% for those who worked 12+ months in the pandemic.
    • Provide a grant for missed supplement pay before the implementation of this policy.
      • Ensure individuals who have worked during the pandemic but no longer are, receive the grant they are owed.
  • Conduct research on improving retention rates among healthcare workers.
  • Investigate systemic issues and develop a transparent plan to address them.
  • Digitalise appointments where possible.