* April Fool's Day Joke* Volt Gozo has split from Volt Malta

* April Fool's Day Joke* Volt Gozo has split from Volt Malta

01 Apr 2022, 02:20:00 UTC
Malta Gozo Joke
  • Volt Gozo, a new party separate from Volt Malta
  • Maltese would be treated as any other EU citizen
  • Powerful Aesthetic Board + Exile of Joseph Portelli
  • 2.5% tax for companies to move from Malta, abolish VAT & build vertical farms.

A new party is born aiming to represent the concerns of Gozitans. One of their goals is to achieve independence so it may elect its own MPs & MEPs. The party also said Maltese citizens can still vote in local council and European Parliament elections but would no longer be able to vote in its General Election just like any other EU citizen. 

Volt Gozo also has called for an aesthetics Board to approve every new development and to adapt or reverse any development that negatively affects Gozo's charm. Joseph Portelli would also be permanently exiled from Gozo ‘‘for obvious reasons’’ added their environmental policy representative.

"We need self-governance if we are to really protect our islands", Volt Gozo also calls for Comino to be part of the Gozitans state according to one of their leaders, "The Maltese government has failed to safeguard our land and continuously allowed and facilitated abuse, it's time for new management," said one of the party’s spokespersons pointing at illegal roadwork in Comino.

Volt Gozo also proposes a 5-10 year tax cut for igaming, finance and tech companies to 2.5% for companies willing to relocate to Gozo from Malta, and offers office spaces in the Gozo Business Innovation hub on a "first come first served" basis.

When asked on whether the Gozitan state can sustain a growing population from the move of companies and their staff the party said that it will also offer residence through the Gozoverse which will look and feel just like Gozo from the comfort of your home wherever you are.

Another flagship vision for the party is to become an exporter of food to Malta, by converting its farmland totally to vertical farm systems. Furthermore the party aims to abolish VAT in Gozo.

Happy April Fool’s Day! :D