Gozo Policy

The island of Gozo must not be painted under the same brush as Malta. It has its own characteristics which must be safeguarded. It also has its own potential that can be fostered.

Gozitan Enterprise

  • Create a Private-Public Business Incubator for Gozo.
    • This may exist in part of the Gozo Innovation Hub
    • Prioritise Digitalisation & Innovation of existing industries.
    • Facilitate niche industries.
  • Encourage use of the Gozo Innovation Hub 
    • For the first 2 years, rental prices for Maltese-run start-ups should be free.
    • For the following 3 years, rental prices for Maltese-run start-ups should be half.
  • Create an Agritech business incubator in Gozo. 
  • Incentivise the research and adoption of agroecological practices to promote the viability of soil.

Transport System

  • Increase accessibility to, and within Gozo.
    • Increase bikeability.
      • Create additional bike lanes.
      • Ensure island-wide bike-sharing facilities exist.
    • Improve the Bus Network.
      • Facilitate the creation of more, regular bus routes
      • Utilise smaller busses for the less traffic intensive routes
      • Broaden the duration of operations and expand the night bus routes.
  • Pause the Malta-Gozo road tunnel project and wait until the studies are complete.
    • The Malta-Gozo tunnel may not be a viable solution if the studies show that the best solution does not involve any Malta-Gozo tunnel. 

Gozitan Culture

  • Facilitate the creation of an Artist Hub to support Gozo-based artists.