Our Volter in the European Parliament

In May 2019, Volt ran for European Parliament elections in 8 countries, and Europeans elected a Volter from Germany, Damian Boeselager as our Member of European Parliament.

Our European Programme

During the 2018 Amsterdam General Assembly, Volters voted on and approved our election programme for the European Parliament 2019-2024 legislature. The Amsterdam Declaration. It is our vision for Europe, and it is what our MEP is actively working on delivering at the European Parliament, whilst Volters promote change and campaigns on the local level.


Damian Boeselager, 31 years old, Germany, had founded Volt Europa in 2017 along with Andrea Venzon who's from Italy, and Colombe Cahen-Salvador who's from France.

He currently sits with the Greens/EFA European Parliament Group and is part of 4 Parliamentary Committes; AFCO, LIBE, BUDG and ITRE.

He also is part of the European Parliament's delegations to Canada and the USA.

As Volt's MEP, he is representing Europeans in Brussels. He represents every Volter and European who voted Volt across the European Union and our wish for a stronger and united Europe. We have organised around our European identity and will continue empowering communities to take an active role in politics. We will continue to challenge traditional politics, and bring to our societies a people-powered, progressive and pan-European way of doing politics. Through our campaigns, community work and civic actions, Volt will further empower people to claim their voice in politics.