Culture Policy

The Culture sector has often been forgotten and neglected by the Government. This is especially memorable in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's help it flourish.

  • Locate and support the establishment of an Artist Commune space for Malta’s artists.
    • A suggested location; White Rocks.
    • Facilitate the creation of inclusive cooperation of cooperatives and/or societies of cooperatives for artists and creatives of different types who would reside and/or work in the area.
    • Create a sustainable development plan led by the artist cooperative and includes but is not limited to; 
      • Accommodation for residents, prioritising accommodation for members of the artist cooperative;
      • Accommodation for tourists, operated by the artist cooperative;
      • Exhibitions operated by the artist cooperative;
      • Retail outlets operated by the artist cooperative;
      • Eateries which would be operated by persons both from the commune;
      • Other.
    • Ensure minimal government interference in direction of development to ensure organic creation.
      • The government would be involved by ensuring health and safety standards are met & support the development of the space sustainably.
    • Provide grants for projects proposed by the cooperatives/societies, which would be overlooked by an integrity pact.
  • Create a Museum of Mediterranean Cultures displaying Malta’s cultural development and influences from various cultures, based on history and events.
    • Cooperate with cultural authorities from countries and areas which have influenced Malta’s cultural heritage.