My Experience as a Volter, and why I encourage you to join. - James Pecorella

My Experience as a Volter, and why I encourage you to join. - James Pecorella

Sep 14, 2020, 1:00 PM
James Pecorella shares his experience of being a member of Volt Malta, and why he chooses Volt over any other party

What drove my interest in politics?

The first thing to bear in mind is that politics affects every single member of society, and therefore every single one of us should take an interest in politics. My interest in politics peaked during my first years of studying engineering. During the course, we were given assignments which contained real-life problems and required real-life solutions. In developing and delivering these solutions, I began to notice the capabilities of structured problem solving, using research, data analysis and critical thinking to solve problems and develop tangible and applicable solutions. When I came to this realisation, it became clear that these skills would be of benefit in other areas of my life, including my surroundings. I became more aware of the inefficiencies in our country, from energy to transport, environment, construction, and law enforcement. These inefficiencies inspired my desire to be part of the change in how our country’s government and its institutions operate. It is not enough to criticise but to seek to bring tangible solutions to the inefficiencies we experience, and the problems we encounter.

Why Volt and not another party?

Rather than focusing on the inefficiencies and negative traits of the currently available parties in Malta, I will only mention why Volt is better in its difference. Volt is not a populist party, it is founded on principles of humanity and equal rights; regardless of gender, skin colour, religion, occupation, all are equal in Volt. Secondly, Volt is a progressive party which seeks to further the people’s best interests based on best-practice solutions, listening to experts and taking decisions based on the experts’ advice to provide the best result to society. Volt believes in transparency, independent pillars of democracy, accountability, and integrity; principles which are considerably lacking in the parties currently in parliament.

My experience so far?

Volt is a modern party and therefore we utilise modern means to communicate and operate. Day to day operations is done remotely through an online work platform. We also make use of video calls, which makes it easier for everyone to participate and be involved in meetings, regardless of occupation. I'm most active at the national level in Malta, and currently, we meet for a 1-2 hour online session every 2 weeks. During these meetings, we discuss current events, vote on decisions, further develop our policies and brainstorm possible solutions and approaches to ongoing problems in Malta. These conversations are always productive, and after 5 months of being a member, I have seen a lot of work being done, which makes the time spent well worth it.

Why should you join Volt?

Maltese politics has been stagnant between two parties for generations, and this stagnation has led to the parties in parliament resorting to populist dogma to appeal to the masses without actually offering solutions, and this dynamic has furthered the rise of a number of very right-wing parties and has slowed our progression on a number of social issues relative to our European neighbours. If you wish to improve the situation and agree with what Volt stands for, I invite you to join us as we aim to improve the political climate in Malta by offering a pragmatic way forward, the country and the European Union. We are all capable of bringing positive change in this world, and even more capable when we work together towards that goal.  

-James Pecorella, Expansion Lead of Volt Malta