About us

European challenges need European solutions. National parties are reaching their limits, and populist promises are putting our peace at risk.

That is why Volt was founded, a movement and party for the whole of Europe. We are the first pan-European party - we make politics for a federal Europe across European borders. In more than 30 countries we encourage citizens on the local, national and European levels to rethink and shape politics.

We are pan-European, pragmatic and progressive. Against the background of common values and goals, we ask courageous questions and make feasible proposals to solve pan-European grievances.

Our vision

Our vision is a more democratic and transparent Europe that takes responsibility for us. That is why we want a united Europe with a genuine European democracy. We want a strong European Parliament that can propose laws and elect a European Prime Minister who is accountable to our elected representatives. We want a real European government that acts in the interest of all Europeans to tackle problems together and seize opportunities. European politics needs European parties and we are making a new European future eligible for election. Now it's your turn!

Volt wants to make politics on the local, national and European levels. In 2019 Volt competed for the first time for the 2019 European Elections and led a cross-border election campaign with a European election programme. As a result Damian Boeselager was elected as the first Volt member to the European Parliament.

By now, Volt has participated in several local and regional elections across Europe, and more than 60 delegates from Volt have been elected into office.